Yesterday (January 8th), politicians from across the state gathered on Capitol Hill in Nashville, TN to convene the 111th General Assembly of the Tennessee State Senate and House of Representatives. After much fanfare the gavel sounded, signalling that the 2019 legislative session had officially begun. Last week, elected officials did the same at the United States Capitol in Washington D.C.

Between the state and U.S. capitols, there are numerous proposed laws that should excite constitutionally minded citizens. However, there are also many bills already filed that will greatly concern the same sensible people.Our elected officials have already begun deliberating legislation relating to important issues such as the following, to name just a few:

Religious Freedom & Church Rights
Freedom of Speech & Hate Crimes
Abortion & Euthanasia
“Recreational” Drugs
Taxes & Healthcare
Gun Control
Homosexuality & “Transgender” issues
With the help of God and your prayers/financial support, the Tennessee Independent Baptists for Religious Liberty will do our best to issue updates on the progress of legislation important to you. Please pray daily for Executive Director Aaron R. Snodderly as he is personally on Capitol Hill encouraging your politicians to vote your values of faith, family, and freedom. Pray for him as he fights “spiritual wickedness in high places.”
For more information concerning how you can search and track specific legislation, click the “Legislation” tab on our website at

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